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We’re confident that when we tell you we can make something work, it’ll happen. We don’t promise what we can’t deliver because to us, it’s not the end of the world to say that we can’t do it. It’s more important in our eyes for you to get what you need; happy relationships bring good fortune of a different sort.

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Hi, my name is Brandon, founder of NorthWorks.ca. My first business, which was completely unrelated to web design, is what sparked my interest in building websites. Like many small businesses, I decided to hire a web development company to build a website for my business in hopes of attracting new customers. What I thought was a good deal at the time ended up costing a lot of money in the long run with the initial design fee, frequent content updates and hosting fees. By the end of the day, there was little to spend in other parts of the business. This got me thinking.

I started thinking of the many other small businesses who have hired a web designer to build them a custom website, and ended up not seeing a return on their investment or have spent so much money on their website, that they have very little to spend in the countless areas of running a business.

Without the intent to make money, I began looking into ways to improve upon this current method of gaining a web presence. The aspirations for money and what not eventually came around, but what got me to where I am now wasn’t about that, I really just wanted to watch out for other entrepreneurs who shouldn’t be spending massive amounts of their hard earned marketing dollars on an overpriced website. I guess you could say that it was more like a hobby to me than anything else, and I think that’s what made me good at it. I was having all this fun, time flew by so quickly and before I knew it, I learned enough to get me a couple gigs.

It wasn’t easy though; I had to beat out all the more experienced players on pricing and really try to convince people that I wasn’t just mowing their lawn. Sometimes I did work for free just to get an opportunity to prove myself.

As I continue to help small business owners, I’ve recently completed my Bachelor Degree in Business Administration at the University of Regina and am working with Strategy Lab.

What’s probably been most rewarding about this entire journey thus far is the fact that I’m able to help other people build a sustainable business rather than taking advantage of their marketing budget and watching them fade away after a year. My clients have been really amazing to me and have gone out of their way to tell everyone they know that I’m the go-to-guy for this kind of work.

I’m really serious about internet marketing and various ways to help build brand awareness using online tools. I’ll be updating my blog frequently with content related to helping small businesses so check back frequently.

If you’re ever in doubt as to whether I’m the right guy for the job, you can find me around Regina and figure me out for yourself in person. I’m always free for a cup of Timmy’s.

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